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We are committed to providing our customers with excellence in support. Our promise is to anticipate our customers' needs and provide the highest quality products and services efficiently, effectively and economically. Our entire team believes that our main focus is our customers, and our mandate is to deliver quality on time. We are continuously working to improve our capabilities, processes and product support through innovation and process reviews.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or concerns please contact support.



1- What do I need to start using WeBuzz IM?

WeBuzz IM requires a J2ME enabled mobile phone with a wireless data service plan.

 2- How do I chat with my friends using my mobile?

  • Download WeBuzz IM to your mobile phone through (
    • Once you've downloaded WeBuzz IM, you will be asked if you have WeBuzz ID or not? select No if you don't have WeBuzz ID and then you go to "Registration Form".
    • After you register, you will need to create a profile and login with your WeBuzz ID/Password in addition to your Yahoo Messenger, MSN and GTalk IDs/Passwords.
    • Once you logged in your contact list of Yahoo, MSN and GTalk will be downloaded and combined in one list.
  • Start to chat with your friends and enjoy all in one contact list.
  • 3- Which phone do you currently support?

    • WeBuzz IM works on every Internet enabled phone running J2ME MIDP 2.0 with midlet size >= 100 kb.
    • Click here to check if your phone is supported.  If you can’t find your phone on this list, please email support to request notification when your phone is supported. We’re constantly adding support for new phone models.

    4- I cannot download WeBuzz IM to my mobile phone?

    Your phone might not have an Internet connection set up already. Most phone manufacturers and most providers offer to set it up for you, automatically and free of charge. Please contact your service provider. Some phones also don’t have enough memory, please check our support phone list here.

    5- I cannot see my contacts on WeBuzz contact list?  

    Please make sure you've entered your Yahoo ID/Password, MSN ID/Password or Gtalk ID/Password correctly. if you still have this problem please send an email to our support team with your your mobile model. 

    6- How can I get a WeBuzz ID?  

    The first time you download WeBuzz IM on your mobile, you will be asked "Do you have a WeBuzz ID?" if you don't have one then you need to choose "No" then you will see the WeBuzz Registration Form where you will be able to create a WeBuzz ID.

    7- I have a WeBuzz ID but I connot login?  

    If you have a WeBuzz ID and get Invalid User/Password when you login, please make sure your WeBuzz password is not empty and is correct.

    8- I downloaded WeBuzz IM but I connot login?  

    First you need to register to have a valid WeBuzz ID to be able to login, the first time you download WeBuzz IM you will be asked If you have a WeBuzz ID or not, if by mistake you chose "Yes" and you didn't have a WeBuzz ID then you need to un-install WeBuzz IM from your mobile and download it again to be prompted by "Do you have a WeBuzz ID?" you need to choose "No" to be directed to WeBuzz Registration Form to be able to create a WeBuzz ID.

    9- How do I add new contacts to my buddies list?

    Once you've started WeBuzz IM. Select “Add Contact” from the main menu. Type the user ID of your friend ( and click on the “Add” button. Your friend is now added and a message is automatically sent to your friend inviting him/her requesting authorization to be added to your buddies. Once your friend has accepted the invitation, you’ll be able to see when he/she is online and you can exchange messages.

    10- How do I change my status?

    Once you start the We Buzz application, you’ll be able to change your status (Available, Away, Busy, Be Right Back). You can also change your personal message from the same screen (default is I’m here)

    11- Is there any limit on message size?

    Virtually no limitations on number of characters per message.

    12- How much does WeBuzz cost?

    During Beta, WeBuzz client and IM service  are absolutely free.

    13- Why I'm asked to provide my email address?

    For security purposes, we ask you your email address during registration to ensure valid password reminder requests. Should you ever forget your password, we can only send this information to the email account on record.

    To learn more about our security practices, please read our Privacy Policy.

    To recover your password of retrieve your username, click here

    14- Why I didn't receive a confirmation email after I registered?

    You should receive an email containing your activation link soon after you register. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours, and you're sure that the address you entered is correct, please email support to let us know that there is a problem. If you have a filter to control SPAM email, make sure to add to your list of accepted email addresses otherwise registration email could be filtered into your junk or trash box.

    15- What is a Facebook username?

    In order to be able to log into Facebook chat service, you need to have a Facebook username, you can follow the instructions in this link to get a username.

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